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Here at Marsh Garage Service Centre we service and repair all makes of cars. Car manufacturers vary the time and mileage intervals for vehicle servicing. If you have a service handbook, details of the service schedule will be in this.

As a car gets older, invariably more maintenance will be required. Often the recommended service intervals may have been appropriate for the car in its early years, but eventually, as the mileage has increased, long service intervals can mean that potential problems are not recognized also a badly maintained car uses more fuel which as we all know is an expensive commodity.

The amount of mileage you do in a year may vary greatly from the recommended service mileage interval. Feel free to discuss your car's needs with us. Having been in business for over 20 years, we have gained vast experience in different makes, models and their individual requirements. So, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

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Even if your car is still under a manufacturers warranty you can have it serviced by us, WITHOUT AFFECTING OR INVALIDATING THE WARRANTY.

Recent changes to European Law (block exemption) in 2003. Now gives you the right to take your car where you choose for servicing, so long as original equipment parts are used and serviced in accordance with manufactures schedules. Further details on this report can be obtained from the Office of Fair Trading

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