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What is an MOT

MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport and an MOT test is required to determine whether your vehicle meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards, so in other words whether it is roadworthy or not.

When are you required to have an MOT test done?

For a new car, the first MOT test should be done when the vehicle is three years old. Vehicles over three years should have an MOT test carried out on them every year. You will receive an MOT test certificate from us which will state whether your vehicle has passed or failed the test together with the details of the components our mechanic has tested. The results of the MOT test are sent to central database now which makes it easier to check the MOT history of any vehicle (especially useful if you are buying a second hand car!).

The amount of mileage you do in a year may vary greatly from the recommended service mileage interval. Feel free to discuss your car's needs with us. Having been in business for over 20 years, we have gained vast experience in different makes, models and their individual requirements. So, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

We Can carry out the MOT and any other works required, If your car requires new parts or further repairs we always check with you first and will only be carried out by our qualified technicians.

"New Car or older models, our highly competent staff can take care of the lot"
Marsh Garage now accepts MOT bookings online. Please click the link to book your MOT now.
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